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a space for women to connect + heal

We are a community of psycho-spiritual practitioners dedicated to the resurgence of the feminine and to radical healing for individuals and collectives.


about the collective

Ocean Women Collective is a network of therapists, teachers, and healers dedicated to the resurgence of alternative, feminine-informed methods for Self and spiritual expansion. Our practitioners are highly trained in a variety of disciplines including transpersonal therapies, depth hypnosis, yoga and meditation, energy work, integral medicine, astrological readings and more. Our core mission is to help women find their way back to their whole, rightful, and liberated selves. 


Collective healing starts with individuals and continues through connection. Women today are conditioned by a society that represses the wisdom of the feminine. This repression shows up through the exploitation of the earth and the body, the disregard of emotions and feelings, the suppression of indigenous wisdoms and integral spiritualities, and an overall lack of awe and reverence for our place within the cosmos. The crises we face, ecological and cultural, are a manifestation of humanity’s disconnect with our ground of being—our spiritual impulse to experience and unite with the whole mystery of life, nature, and soul. 


We believe that by healing and restoring the feminine in individuals, we can contribute to the rise and integration of a feminine-informed worldview. We’re talking about radical healing from the ground up. Ocean Women Collective is a space for women to connect and heal in one-on-one and group practice. We are committed to accessibility by offering creative solutions to the commodification of mental and spiritual healing. We value the feminine collective above all else. Let us support you so that you can do the same for others.

*A note on inclusion - All gender minorities welcome. This is a space for those personally affected by the repression of the feminine which includes the repression of marginalized voices.

in short

Ocean Women Collective is  an online community that connects women with psycho-spiritual practitioners who are committed to the same set of core values. Additionally, we host online spaces for women to connect and heal with each other under the guidance of an OWC practitioner. These events range in offerings and include yoga and meditation, group healing and support, spiritual studies and workshops, and more.

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why the ocean?

All life emerged from the ocean—consider her our primordial mother. She embodies the feminine in nature—nurturing, receptive, mysterious, wild. Ocean Women are wild, radical even. It’s a radical act to imagine beyond the constructs of this present paradigm, to promote connection and service, to break boundaries. But that’s just what the ocean does where the waves meet the shore, or crash against rocks and reshape the landscape. The ocean reminds us that we're all interwoven within a matrix of change. She teaches us how to embody that change in order to create radical transformation.  

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