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Danielle Jorda

Spiritual Mindfulness Facilitator and Yoga Instructor

Grand Rising!  I’m a soul sharing my passion and love of life by empowering individuals and community through mindfulness, spirituality, and purpose.  My hope is that we can all come together in mind|body|spirit to create a collective spiritual awareness seeped in oneness, kindness, love, and personal growth.  Let’s mindfully rise in community as one!

Training + Education

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher - School of Positive Transformation 

Wellness Champion Certified - B4C 

CYT 500

Yin Yoga Teacher - Yoga and Ayurveda Center

Reiki Master

About Danielle + Mindfully Rising

Mindfully Rising envisions an all inclusive world built on equity, human equality, and spirituality that balances personal and communal equanimity.  In addition, Mindfully Rising is on a mission to support and empower female owned and led organizations/businesses through a supportive network and exchange. Mindfully Rising aims to support this growth by facilitating a platform of growth through education (classes), experience (personal practices), and engagement (community). The founding values of Mindfully Rising are anchored in compassion and the fact that this is the place we should all dwell; mindfully, spiritually, guided by our heart space.

Q + A

What brings you joy?

"Nature, spiritual mindfulness, my family, and seeing the heart spark in others."

favorite practices?

yoga, meditation, mantras, mindful hiking, breath work, crystals, EFT tapping, communing in nature, grounding and just being me!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Connect with Danielle

Instagram: @mindfullyjorda

Telephone: (562) 882-2227

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