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Daria Grigoreva

Energy Healer, Embodiment Teacher, Retreat Leader

Hello, I am Daria! I am a lover of learning and exploring, especially when it comes to the nature of life, mind-body-spirit connection, consciousness, and healing. The short mission statement of the work I do is helping people connect to their Souls and Higher Selves, to feel their own light, nature, power, truth, and passion! I work through various energy healing modalities and embodiment practices, which are a synthesis of my studies and experiences. 

Training + Education

BA Political Science

MA Yoga Studies

Ph.D. Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (in progress)

Yoga and the Healing Sciences training 500hr 

Reiki Usui Ryoho

About Daria

Daria is a multidisciplinary healer, working with various energy healing and embodiment modalities with the intention to assist others in embodying their Soul selves, and experiencing a deeper connection with their own light, potential, gifts, and joy! She is a lifelong student constantly learning and sharing new ways of working with the mind, body, Soul, and Spirit. She aims to create a safe, supportive, and sacred space for healing and inner transformation.

Daria leads 1:1 and group healing sessions, yoga classes, intuitive movement, and other modalities of healing using her intuitive guidance and foundational practices from various spiritual and secular traditions.

Currently, Daria is a Ph.D. Student at California Institute For Integral Studies in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness department.

passions + interests

Dancing on the beach or in the forest

Reading books that help me see the world from a different angle

Laughing about silly things

Hugging people I love

Sharing energy healing

Connecting with like-hearted people

Finding a balance of living the material and the non-physical reality 

Q + A

What brings you joy?

"Watching hummingbirds, dancing, being in nature, looking at pictures of Pallas's Cats (look them up for a mood booster!), spending time with people I love, watching the stars, floating in the ocean at dusk."

Connect with Daria

Learn more about Daria and her offerings here!

Instagram: @yoga_with_daria

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