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get involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with the collective.

BECOME A PRACTITIONER - We are always looking for practitioners to join our collective. If you think you would be a good fit and believe that your own core values align with ours, then email us to set up a time to chat. 

GUEST HOST - If you have a workshop, class or event that you can offer virtually but unable to commit to a reoccurring time slot, then consider becoming a guest host. Send us an event proposal and we will go from there.

BEHIND THE SCENES - Interested in volunteering? We can find a job for you!

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on service

Service to others is a spiritual commitment. In recognition of our interconnected reality, an act of service is an act that benefits the whole of life. OWC is fueled by service. This might seem counterintuitive in a society that promotes an external understanding of individualism, personal achievement, and material gain, but these are the societal norms that OWC aims to help disintegrate. The spiritual path, instead, caters to an internal sense of individualism, achievement, and gain. It involves a deepening pursuit of our own personal evolution for the sake of all beings everywhere. It’s also a subtle dissent from patriarchy and capitalism. Most importantly, however, service along the spiritual path is a dedication to the redirection of our joint human-planetary trajectory. Through service, we reorient ourselves toward ideals of connection, cooperation, and compassion.

core values

self-understanding + recovery of the whole Self

Personal liberation is achieved through personal understanding. We celebrate the individual’s capacity to heal themself by garnering techniques to access their own inner wisdom.

radical connection

We have lost our capacity to connect deeply. Today, it can be scary to connect with one another in intimate and vulnerable ways. But it is within these deeper connections that we find inner wholeness. Here, we seek to radically connect—with our Self, with the planet, and with each other.


Healing, especially within transpersonal frameworks, should be accessible to anyone despite their financial situation. We offer free, donation-based, and low cost events, and we remain steadfastly committed to the continual discovery of creative solutions to accessibility in the realm of healing.

psycho-spiritual perspectives

All physical, emotional, and mental pathologies ultimately take some root on a spiritual level. As a community of healers, we recognize the importance of spiritual epistemologies in psychological healing.

reestablishing the feminine as a core epistemology

Above all else, we promote the resurgence of the feminine by rediscovering and restoring the wisdom that has been lost or repressed over thousands of years of a masculine-dominated worldview.

core values
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