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Maggie Zebrine

Highly food motivated yoga teacher and student 

Howdy! I teach yoga designed to shake the dust, luxuriate in the experience of living in a body, and have fun doing it—all to a thoughtful playlist.

Training + Education

200 Hour Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training Program at Blue Lotus in Raleigh, NC

50 Hour Advanced Teacher Training with Love Yoga based in Los Angeles, CA

22.5 Hour Qigong For Yoga Teachers with Mimi Kuo-Deemer (Triyoga, London, UK)

200 Hour Katonah Yoga Teacher Training through Katonah Yoga Center based in NY, USA

10 Hour Fascia Flossing Level 1 with Bonnie Crotzer and The Floss based in NYC

About Maggie

Maggie is a yoga teacher based out of Oakland, CA. She finds the magic of yoga in quieting the chatter of the mind in order to be fully in the present. Maggie blends Katonah Yoga with other styles of yoga and movement practices to inspire students to find freedom in their body and mind. She taps into source by experiencing the world around her and connecting to Great Nature. Maggie teaches what she knows and learns about what she doesn’t. Join Maggie for playful imagery, nurturing asana, and tools to become more well-rounded on and off the mat.


Maggie is invested in OWC to support radical healing by way of the implicit and imagination. She believes wholeheartedly that every individual is whole and complete and enough just as they are and she teaches to offer that reminder to her students. Maggie is grateful to be a piece of this community and for the creation of OWC as an accessible platform for connection and a shifting of the tides. 

Q + A

What brings you joy?

"For me, joy is technical. It’s all about right place, right time. It’s a feeling that is fleeting because it’s all about full presence with the way things are in a certain moment. To be in joy is to enjoy. This feeling typically arises when I’m walking in nature on a sunny day, cooking or baking a new recipe, shaking my body around, talking to strangers in unexpected places, during my weekly Taoism class, and eating snacks. The feeling is always even sweeter if I get to share the experience with the people in my life I love and my dog daughter, Clementine." 

Q + A

What have you been curious about recently? 

"I am curious about how to make the mundane magical. All we have is our time, so I have been playing with the question of what it means to spend time well lately. With regards to my teaching, I’ve been really exploring the many different ways to articulate esoteric dialogue."

passions + interests

Thinking about the world




Floating in water

Petting dogs 

Doing yoga

“The great goal is to support personal and communal well-being. You’re the third hand that’s going to take this mind and this body and this breath and manipulate it so that it pumps it up into bigger function. The biggest function you can do is make yourself, in a sense, healthy, round, well-adjusted, buoyant, radiant and concentrated because when you are all of those things, then you have positioned yourself to be the center of a sphere. You’ve positioned yourself so that you’re round so that if you fall, you will bounce. You’ve positioned yourself so that you’re not edgy so that you don’t bang into people and hurt them or hurt yourself. You’ve positioned yourself, really, to be the best you can be. Because the symbol of perfection is round and buoyant and spherical and well-adjusted. So the goal of these practices is to bring you into a position that allows you to up your game so that you can be all of these things.”
- Nevine Michaan

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